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Karan Spanard

Dear Petr,

It was truly a pleasure to work with you for our group tours in January! Your extensive knowledge of Prague's historical and architectural monuments and your tremendous insight into the significance of historical events made our tours a very special part of the conference programme. Many of our guests have expressed to me how meaningful your tour of the Jewish Quarter was to them.

From my own personal perspective, I must say that you are one of the best guides we have encountered in the 15 years that we have been offering our European conferences. I especially treasure the tour of the Jewish Quarter as I found it to be very meaningful and I learned so much from your extensive knowledge and understanding of the Jewish people and their history.

I have traveled to Prague 9 times since 2001 and have taken many, many tours -- you are THE BEST guide to be found in Prague. I look forward to future visits and to future tours with you!

08. 02. 2014

Martha Somach

Dear Petr,

Without first having read the comments on your website, I came up with similar words of praise to those of previous travelers--so it must be true! I heartily agree with the others that this is clearly more than just a job for you.

Here's my testimonial:

You will never find a better guide than this one!

Petr speaks English beautifully, is extremely knowledgeable, and is a genuinely kind-hearted person. His passion for history and humanity shines clearly through. Petr has lived through a significant and harrowing era in Prague's past, and is able to bring all chapters of Czech history to life with his vast knowledge of literature, landmarks, architecture, etc.

I was fortunate to go on multiple tours with Petr, some with 3-4 people and some with 20 people. Our little group signed on to extra days since we realized right away that this was someone special. Smooth logistics and Petr's calm nature made the larger tour groups feel as intimate as the smaller groups.

Thank you, Petr, for making our visit to Prague a profound and enriching experience!

28. 01. 2014

Lillian and Dave Blosser

Just completed a Prague intro tour including the Jewish Quarter. Petr is the man to put the history, culture and current influences into a clear perspective. We just loved the conversations as we toured with him.

This made our Czech Republic experience a major highlight of our summer travels. Thanks again!!

12. 06. 2013

Amy Katz and Bob Cohen

Petr, Bob and I thoroughly enjoyed meeting you and learning from you during our time in Prague.  Your willingness to share your personal story added to our appreciation of Prague-it's history and people. We look forward to giving your name to our friends so that they, too, can have the experience with you that we so enjoyed!

11. 12. 2012

Dennis & Pat Silveri and family

I am not sure I can convey with words the experience we had with Petr on our two tours. We felt an immediate connection to Petr from the first correspondence.  He is knowledgeable, kind and genuinely interested in the information he presents.  It is obvious at the outset that this is more than a job to Petr. He was very willing to answer questions about both the tours and the history/culture and stop to accommodate our wishes.  My son wanted to stop for beer at the monastery and Petr was kind enough to let us spend time there without ever rushing to make up the time later.

Cesky Krumlov was a lovely town and once again Petr was a knowledgeable guide.  The distance from Prague is considerable and we are glad we went, but had we had a less pleasant guide this tour could have been tedious- just because of the amount of driving time.  Here again, Petr went above our expectations by hiring a car & a driver (included in his fees) so that he could concentrate on our tour.
Petr, thank you for making our time in the Czech Republic a happy & memorable vacation.

09. 04. 2012


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