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Mark &Jacqui Ritchie

Hi Petr, Cant add anything but more praise to everything in your guest book.  Glad all is going well for you.  Hope to see you again someday either in Prague or England. Bestest wishes. xx

02. 04. 2011

Bobbie & Bert Max & Tracy & Andy Gardner

We have just returned from Prague having Petr tour with us through the Jewish Quarter and Terezin.  It was a complete pleasure with Petr as our guide - he was everything we expected and more. His knowledge and insight into the Jewish Quarter and the tour of Terezin left no stone unturned and he welcomed our questions and discussions. We would wholeheartedly recommend Petr for all tours!
Thank you for a job welll done.

14. 07. 2010

William Grimm

Hi there Petr,
I was referred to you by a friend of mine whom you met and toured last year when they were in Praque.  I will be coming to Praque with my partner Darrell Wallace  June 13th thru June 19th.  I hope you can show us your beautiful city.  We are so excited to see it.
With warm regards,

18. 02. 2010

Dan and Sue Homac

We so enjoyed our tours with you on October 6th and 7th.  I haven't had a chance to
e-mail Rick Steves, but I will to recommend you as a guide in Prague.
Best Wishes,
Dan & Sue

08. 11. 2009

Larry and Nancy Lonky

Dear Petr,

We wanted to thank you again for helping to make our visit to Prague memorable for our family and for our friends Jon and Christy. Your knowledge of history and architecture, both past and present, was surpassed only by your ability to communicate in an effective and personal way.

We've spoken to family and friends about your expertise many times in the past week and would encourage you to use us as a reference.

Let us know if you're planning a trip to the New York area. We'd love to show you around.

Best wishes,
Nancy and Larry

12. 07. 2008


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